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Adrian Brannan graduated in June 2000 from the Glasgow School of Art, where he studied visual communication specialising in photography.
Adrian is currently working as a full - time freelance photographer/artist.

In this site a selection of Adrian's photo collage images are displayed. The photographs are typically taken from multiple vantage points with different film, processing techniques, and at different times on different days.
No digital processes are used at any stage of Adrian's work, and the many of photographs are printed in his own colour darkroom.

All of the collages vary in complexity. Some earlier works in this series were be created with around fifty images, but in recent years often over one thousand individual 35mm film photographs has become the norm as Adrian continues to progress with this addictive medium.

Viewed from a distance, the original works are a cohesive spectacle of colour and movement. On taking a closer look, it becomes aparent that an intricate network of photograhic detail has been observed, captured and recreated into an artwork which blurs the lines between traditional painting and photography. Each and every time you view a piece of Adrian's work, new aspects and details are discovered..

Adrian has exhibited work in various places including solo shows in the RGI Kelly Gallery in Glasgow, Foyles in Soho, the GFT, the British Airways executive lounge in Glasgow Airport and the Association of Photographers gallery in London.
As well as exhibition based work, Adrian also has worked with a number of commercial clients which include Lonely Planet, Completely London Magazine and Starbucks. The likes of bespoke original images, and print packages for corporate gifts are two areas which Adrian can provide on any scale.

Many of his original images are for sale, and all are available as prints direct from Adrian himself, or from the outlets listed in the 'links' page.

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